Personalized Coffee Mugs - Makeover #2

I created these personalized mugs with a black and a gold Sharpie. These are plain Sharpies, and after searching online I found that these aren't actually the best things to use if durability is desired. Gilding paint seems to be preferred but I wanted to try doing this and didn't want to wait. I actually called Michael's to ask about gilding paint and the woman who answered assured me that a regular Sharpie would work fine. I can agree that it worked but after one very delicate wash, some of the letters are already starting to rub off. Already... I'm using gilding paint next time.

But here's my first try anyway. I used porcelain mugs. 

I made one for my husband and just wrote 'Mister B' on one side.

I drew a tuxedo design on the other side to fill in the empty space.

On mine I wrote my "name" since I use it everywhere now. :)

Here they are at different angles.

Here's a video of me working on the mugs. Take a look:


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