Unusual Ornament Bowl DIY

The way this DIY came about...it was meant to be. I'm certain of it. It was after Thanksgiving and I was cleaning up. While attempting to put away a box of plastic forks and spoons, the box slipped from my hand and landed with a crash and a squeak. ~You know the squeak plasticware makes when it rubs against other plasticware :) ~ ... Out poured half the spoons onto the kitchen floor.

My first thought was that of annoyance at having to throw away this fistful of otherwise perfectly good spoons. Then I had a second thought; save the spoons...make something out of them...anything.

Funny thing is I had these leftover ornaments that I recently purchased and didn't have a place for yet. I wanted them displayed somewhere and figured the best way to do that would be to put them in a decorative dish of some kind. I had searched retail stores and hadn't found a price for said item that I was willing to pay. I would always leave disappointed. I tried my thrift stores too, which actually are my first choice most times. Sadly, nothing could be found there either.

The decision was made, a "bowl" for the ornaments is what these spoons were meant to be. The idea was planted and the project began. Check out the video for the details. I hope you subscribe and join the 'Sweet Life'. And go ahead and subscribe to the blog too while your at it, I'd love to have you!


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