Let's Talk Gilmore Girls (Spoiler Alert)

I watched "Gilmore Girls". More like I experienced "Gilmore Girls".

It's not a show that I would normally tune in to but I started watching on recommendation from a friend who thought one of the mother/daughter relationships reminded her of me and my mother. Now thinking back, I'm not sure if it was Lorelai and Rory's or Lorelai and Emily's. (Note to self to confirm this, as the former would be cool, but the latter might mean some changes need to be made).

So I would put the show on when I was cooking or cleaning up in the kitchen. I didn't catch every line and I would go out of the room without pausing it or worrying about what I missed. But soon, before I knew it, the show, with its quick-witted, annoying banter, and oh-so corny jokes had grown on me. I started to put it on to actually watch rather than wash dishes to.

I began to develop a fondness for Rory and her love life. I came to love Emily and her sideways remarks. I found humor in her unknowingly rude comments and I had a great appreciation for how Lorelai calmly dealt with drama.

Jesse was the man.
Suki was hilarious.
Lane was the cutest.
Logan was a hearthrob.
Dean was Mr. Too-Perfect.
And Paris was the friend you couldn't shake and somehow learned to love.

"Gilmore Girls" was a pleasant surprise and watching the shows 7 seasons was something I enjoyed more than I expected. I watched the original series with much anticipation for the reunion episodes, "A Year in the Life".

The limited series, consisting of four hour and a half episodes titled; Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, were severally lacking in comparison to the original series.

I was glad to see all the aged characters back on screen. Even Michel, with his struggling accent made his return. It was obvious that the passing time had taken a toll on his ability to hold onto that French twang he was lovingly known for.

It was nice that Lorelai actually married Luke in the end, but the way Rory ended up must have been the creator's way of grounding her character even more. Rory was "goody-goody" in the original series despite her sleeping with a married man and sneakily having premarital relations with her boyfriend in her grandparents' pool house.

I'm guessing the shows creator didn't think Rory's good-girl image was tarnished enough by her trouble with Jess, Logan, and Dean, that she had to be brought back a little more slutty. She had a one night stand and was creeping with Logan behind his fiance's back, all the while cheating on her own boyfriend. A boyfriend who was an unhumorously forgettable guy who apparently for the two years of their relationship, Rory was just passing time with.

Rory had gone to Yale and turned down a proposal from the same guy she was cheating with, to end up doing nothing with her life and then announcing her own pregnancy right before the credits rolled on the last reunion episode.

The reunion was a sad disappointment. It ended with Rory living back at home with no real job, no money, no car, and seemingly no father for her child. She did have a book in the works that a Yale education wouldn't necessarily be needed to write. Though her time there would lend itself to more experiences to include in the autobiography.

The things mature Rory went through, though disappointing, did make her even more realistic because either we were that girl or we knew someone like her. And who would have been able to stand it if "little Miss Perfect" ended up having a perfect life in the end?

Fall was my favorite reunion episode. I loved the artistic scenes with Rory running around with Logan and his friends. I loved that Emily ventured out to make a new life for herself. And I loved the outdoor scene of Lorelai and Luke's late night wedding. This episode was the most Gilmore Girls-esque of all.

The reunion episode, Summer, was by far my least favorite of the four. It contained 12 agonizing minutes of Taylor's musical and included an extra long and dragged out newspaper delivery scene where Lorelai and Rory run through the town dropping off Gazettes. It was torture to watch. I can only assume these scenes were filler material because, really, how much more activity can take place at Luke's?

So while it drove my husband crazy to overhear the cringe-worthy banter of the "Gilmore Girls" and while "A Year in the Life" doesn't even come close to the original seasons, these are on my list of must-sees for binge-worthy TV.
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