It's A Sign

Most of my adult life I've looked for "signs." 
I felt like if I saw a certain sequence of numbers, heard a certain person's name, happened upon a certain object, that that was a "sign" that something related would happen. I never knew what, but I always knew something.
I don't look for signs too much these days but every so often the thought crosses my mind, "what does this mean...?"

Well there's nothing mysterious about this sign here but I still consider it a harbinger of great things. I got the one pictured from which is a company that specializes in all kinds of quality signs.

This one is made of metal. Without being too heavy, it's not lacking in weight either. There are holes in each corner so it can easily be attached to something but it's fine to just sit propped up on this shelf too. 
The signs come in various shapes, sizes and orientations, at a great price. It was easy for me to upload my image to the website and in about a week's time, it arrived.

Now my brand name can be displayed here in my office and I'm definitely looking at this as a sign of something great for Random Bites of a Sweet Life.


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