Meghan Markle...We Caught You Slippin'...

I'm sure royalty is working fine for Mrs. Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. She has great clothes, nice taste in fashion, and is usually spotted looking well-adorned. Even before her marriage to Prince Harry, Ms. Markle had a blog, The Tig, that was all about food, travel, beauty and fashion. From what I hear, the site was popular and Ms. Markle had a great eye for fashion, but let's talk about her attire on USA's hit show, "Suits." Specifically this outfit here. Markle can be seen in this scene talking to Rick Hoffman who played the smart and sensitive, Louis Litt, about being dumped by his girlfriend. 

It looks like a wardrobe malfunction if you ask me. One in which the unsuspecting woman, has a slip on that may have a loose elastic, causing said slip to slide down past the hemline of the skirt. And this was the look the show's design experts were going for? The sloppy look of this caught me completely off-guard. Why someone thought this was attractive still leaves me puzzled. 

On set, Meghan Markle (Rachel Zane), Gina Torres (Jessica Pearson) and Sarah Rafferty (Donna Paulsen) and the silent female extras, unrealistically wore 4-inch heels and form-fitting suits and dresses in pretty much every scene throughout the shows eight seasons. Even in their own homes and private life scenes, which were few and far between, the heels were always on. Fashion was obviously a very important aspect of the show and making these women gorgeous was a top priority. But let's take a couple of closer looks at the skirt...uh fashion faux pas...

Back in my day, and in my current day actually, this was and is a no-no! Whenever a slip was hanging out of the bottom of a skirt or dress, it was whispered or inconspicuously pointed out to the unaware woman and hurriedly fixed by her in an almost embarrassed way. Women would move around in front of a mirror before leaving the house, checking their image from all angles to avoid the dreaded "slip slip." No one wanted to the "victim" of this. Today we've apparently taken this mishap to a whole other level and made it a look. 
This style is so evidently wanting to look like a slipped slip, that it was obviously not made to look like it's attached to the skirt in any way. With the split of the skirt stopping where it does and the skirt's hemline being so clearly defined, it gives all the indication of wanting to look like a hanging slip. 
I can't with this. Let's leave this "fashion trend" in this episode and be done with it.


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