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About Us

Random Bites of a Sweet Life is our parent company and we bring you Designs for Life...

  We are a Christian company specializing in unique, custom apparel that allows men, women and children to share their faith and interests through what they wear. 

  We have a variety of interests ourselves so we've curated our favorite items here with the hope that you'll love some of them too. We feature uniquely designed T-Shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and mugs. Our digital products are also available, and include; calendars, trackers, and printable art.

  Everything you see has been specially designed in our facility so you won't find these designs anywhere else. 

Check out our key racks that are hand-crafted and made from real wood. They'll bring a cozy decorative feel to your home or office space. 

We hope you enjoy these Designs for Life!

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