4 Things I Bought While in Quarantine

I've been on the lookout for a large artificial plant to put in this corner of my family room for a while now and I found this beauty on Amazon. It's an artificial silk Bird of Paradise that I think looks pretty real even close up. It comes in a long narrow box and has some leaves attached. Other leaves are loose and need to be added on. With all the leaves interchangeable, you can style it any way you want. Once the stems are spread out, this plant really 'comes to life'. Check it out below.

If you're looking for an oversized plant at a reasonable price, this is the way to go.


I had 2 older lamps on either end of this IKEA cabinet that I purchased late last year. The lamps have since been put to rest but I still liked the idea of 2 matching sources of light on this unit.. I wanted lamps at a low cost and I found some at Walmart that fit the bill. Not only is the lamp simple and cute; a couple of my favorite characteristics for home decor, but it also houses a USB port for charging tablets and phones. With my kids using their tablets most of the day for distance learning, that feature is perfect.


My daughter is convinced she's a YouTuber like her mom. She doesn't have a channel but you can't tell by the way she films her dolls' "day in the life" videos and comedy sketches with her brother. When she started continuously asked to borrow my phone to make her videos I knew it was time to get her something she could use that would allow her record on her tablet. Once again Amazon came to the rescue and by the next day, this attachment piece was at our front door and recording was underway.


We were in need of some oven mitts to replace the worn ones we've had for years. It's funny how being in the house for so long makes you notice things you could easily ignore otherwise, which was the case here. Not to mention that cooking and baking at home more often than ever before causes the ugly mitts to be brought out more frequently, serving as a constant reminder that these have seen better days. I got new mitts from, you guessed it, Amazon!

They're waterproof, soft on the inside, made of silicone, and can withstand high heat. They can be used to open stubborn jars too since they have a textured grip. They're also great for grilling and now that it's getting warm, there's a lot of that happening lately. Check these out for yourself.


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