A Little Advice for The Young People

Unpopular opinion: diamond engagement rings are overrated

I probably wont get too many people agreeing with this statement, especially if you are a young woman on the receiving end of a proposal but it's true.

For pretty much this whole year I've been rocking, on my left ring finger, a simple titanium band. I purchased it on Amazon a few years ago.

The back story is that I had a diamond engagement ring and a diamond wedding band that I had soldered together shortly after my husband's and my wedding. I naturally wore it all the time. Until one day, years later, while reaching into the dishwasher and back out again, my ring got caught on the upper tray and the main diamond got snatched out!

I was stunned and speechless for about 20 seconds. I'm sure I stood there with my mouth open in complete disbelief as I stared at the gaping space left in my ring.

Of course I scoured the dishwasher top to bottom, searching over every inch, but to no avail.

I set the ring in my jewelry box while we figured out how best to proceed with a replacement. When we checked at a few different jewelry stores, the price for a replacement diamond was insane. I offered to sell the jeweler the diamonds left in the ring because there were 2 rows of smaller diamonds left on either side of where the main diamond sat.

Do you know they told me the diamonds were useless and of no value to them?? Seriously? They're diamonds!

I asked, "so for me to buy a diamond from you, it would cost me at least a few hundred dollars (if I wanted to downsize), but for you to buy one from me, there's no value?"


The jeweler confirmed that the value of a diamond doesn't come from the diamond itself but from the perception that people have of it. Diamonds are made all the time and it's basically easy to do at this point so the value doesn't come from their rarity. They're actually quite common.

During this process I decided to see how much stainless steel, cubic zirconia rings cost on Amazon and I found prices so low that I could get more than 100 for less than what my rings cost.

I ordered 3.

The first one looked like a fancy engagement ring with a big stone in the middle and 2 thin bands of smaller stones going across the top and bottom.

Another was a very thick band of small cubic zirconia stones that wrapped around the entire ring. \

The third was the one I wear most often. The one I'm wearing now as I type this. The one that is most practical for every day life, that tells the world I'm taken but won't snag on my clothes, get caught in my hair, or require removal every time I put on lotion. And it certainly won't get destroyed inside a dishwasher...

The simple titanium band.

I got my original ring fixed but instead of paying thousands to replace the stone, my decision was to fill the space with a cubic zirconia stone. If I didn't tell anyone, no one would know it's not a diamond.

I wear that soldered ring set on certain occasions but most of the time I'm wearing...the simple titanium band.

When the 3 rings came in from Amazon me and my husband did our own "ceremony" where we hurried through an abbreviated version of our vows and he put each ring on my finger as if we were married again so that every one has some meaning to it. It was totally unnecessary of course, but fun.

I recently ordered another cubic zirconia, stainless steel, beauty from Amazon with larger stones and plenty of shimmer and shine. It's gorgeous! It has the stones all the way around which I love and I wear it when I get dressed up.

Now with 5 rings to interchange I have options and variety with a small price tag. And you would never know the difference between the diamond and the cubic zirconia.

So to the young people. What if you agree that instead of a $5,000 engagement ring, that you get something beautiful, for a fraction of the price, and invest that money in your future?

My favorite is a down payment on a house.

Think about it.