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*From the Archives* Part 1

This is part one of me sharing blog posts from back in the day. I've actually been blogging since about 2007 under this same blog name; Random Bites of a Sweet Life (started out on blogspot) and I have all my old posts saved. I'll randomly share an old post from the archives here for old times' sake.

Here's one from September 5, 2008:

"I once told somebody that I wanted that kind of love where you just can't see yourself without this person. Like you HAVE to have them to be complete.

Do I believe in soul mates? Yes

Do I believe there is a person we are meant to be with? Almost born for? Yes

Thats what we are on a quest to find. I don't care what it is. That person sleeping around really at the center of it all, just wants love. That person that says they "don't care," they really do care. People who claim they "don't catch feelins," they catch feelins. And its all because love is the final destination that all of our compasses are pointing to. Man, woman, young, really doesn't matter.

I said I wanted to experience the 'deepest mutual love known to man.' That intoxicating love, that sweeps you off your feet and drops you down on cloud nine somewhere in the atmosphere where passionate infatuation meets unexplainable compatibility. Where even your differences work in this unexplained blend of yin and yang and the two of you just 'are.'

Yes I want that love. That gotta have you, can't be without you, absence makes the heart grow fonder, so even when I'm havin' a blast with the girls, I really wanna be with you kinda love. That wreckless love that Alicia sang about, that love that's more than a vision, but embodies everything we want and desire most and wraps itself up in a little box, like a gift from God, tied with a bow and your name on it.

That love that has you doing things you've never done before, things you said you would never do. Love that tears down walls, breaks through barriers; comes around the corner and knocks you down with a sneak attack. But it's not a painful situation. You've just been caught off guard, cuz you thought, "I got this." But in the end, love got you...

I once told somebody that I wanted that kind of love and they told me it doesn't exist.

But aaaah!...I beg to differ."

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