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*From the Archives* Part 3

This is part one of me sharing blog posts from back in the day. I've actually been blogging since about 2007 under this same blog name; Random Bites of a Sweet Life (started out on blogspot) and I have all my old posts saved. I'll randomly share an old post from the archives here for old times' sake.

Here's one from September 14, 2010:

"Short, curly auburn hair, cut shallow around the ears and fluffy on top. Outlining her eyes are dark glasses, thick on the sides. Pale skin, with wrinkles that spread from behind the lenses, across her cheeks, and down her neck.

Some days this woman looks at me with a spark in her eyes and a smile on her face. It's at these moments when she calls out, "Princess!!"

I don't know how I got this name but this is what she refers to me as on her 'clear' days. She rambles on and on talking to me about her life and her children or whatever she's doing at the moment; warming up food, dealing with her son's recent surgery, or collecting bananas to make bread. She's a talker on these clear days and wants to fill me in on all her recent activities, even if I only have seconds to indulge her.

The nick name she gave me stuck so well that she gave me a ring. A small silver ring with a dark purple band over it, engraved with the word, 'Princess.' A kind gesture.

But what's so strange to me is that on her not so clear days, this same woman will look right in my face and walk right past me without a word. I find her odd and I don't take it personal but I never know who I'll be dealing with from one day to the next."

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