*From the Archives* Part 4

This is part one of me sharing blog posts from back in the day. I've actually been blogging since about 2007 under this same blog name; Random Bites of a Sweet Life (started out on blogspot) and I have all my old posts saved. I'll randomly share an old post from the archives here for old times' sake.

Here's one from September 24, 2010:

"Because I wear glasses, I always think about the funny things that can happen to a person while wearing glasses. I decided to describe some of these mishaps draw a few illustrations to go with them.

'Stupid bug! Get out of here!'

Your arms are flailing around, swatting, and waving away this bug.

'Rrrrr!!! Fly somewhere else!!!'

You're being attacked with an air assault by a winged pest and there are a few interesting things concerning your glasses that could happen at this point.

It's possible that this bug could find its way lodged between your face and the lens...

Stay calm...

(And this does happen, I've seen it)

It's also possible that with all that flailing and arm swinging, you could inadvertently bump your glasses and they end up sitting on your head, sort of like this.


Temperature change can affect glasses too. If you go to get something from the freezer on a hot day, you could end up with foggy lenses. Going from extreme heat to extreme cold can cause this too.

(Rub, Rub) 'Oh there you are...'

Rain can be an issue as well, when you step out into the drops and soon your glasses are covered with little droplets.

'Wipers would be nice right about now.'

Falling asleep while wearing glasses is comical in itself. Catch someone like this and you'll understand.

'Zzzzzz, Smush?? Snooki, you are so crazy...'

And hitting yourself in the face while trying to rub your eye, forgetting you have glasses on is classic."


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