Not All Heroes Wear Capes

*From the Archives* Part 5

This is part one of me sharing blog posts from back in the day. I've actually been blogging since about 2007 under this same blog name; Random Bites of a Sweet Life (started out on blogspot) and I have all my old posts saved. I'll randomly share an old post from the archives here for old times' sake.

Here's one from March 25, 2011:

"Why did I lock my keys in the house this morning? Yup. Walked right out, in a rush, closed the door, and bam. Keys in the coat pocket of the coat hanging on the back of my closet door.

Picture me and Little One (my son) standing by the car in the cold. It was like 30 degrees this morning. (Glad it wasn't raining or anything).

Picture me calling my husband a thousand times in a row and him not answering the phone. (He doesn't get off work till 10 and it was about 8).

Picture me frustrated.

Picture me looking at the shorter roof of my house and deciding how I can get my little self up there and get in through one of the windows.

Now picture me doing it! (Yes I did!)

And the window was unlocked. Thank you Jesus!

That window is NEVER unlocked.

I got myself through that window (locked it back of course), grabbed the keys and ran out the back door.

My Little One was soooo impressed. I wish I had a camera to snap the look on his face. He loves him some Batman, but who's your new hero now, boy? Batman ain't got nothin on me!"

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