Sybil Strikes Again

*From the Archives* Part 6

This is part one of me sharing blog posts from back in the day. I've actually been blogging since about 2007 under this same blog name; Random Bites of a Sweet Life (started out on blogspot) and I have all my old posts saved. I'll randomly share an old post from the archives here for old times' sake.

Here's one from October 7, 2011:

I got some new glasses. Just because. And I have this co-worker, an older lady, who I talked about here, who I think is just a little bit weird. She commented on my glasses.

Co-worker: "Oh you have new glasses! And they're the big ones. Nice."
Me: "Thank you."

(She had small glasses on).

Co-worker: "You can't find big glasses anymore so you have to just buy what they have." (Pointing to her own).

Then she goes on to say,

"My mother always told me to watch the pretty young black girls because they have all the good fashion."

(I was basically side-eyeing her in my head).

(She continues...)

"And that was in the 60s when she told me that!"
"So I'm still watching the pretty young black girls. And you're the prettiest black girl I know."

And she walked off.

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