I Can't Keep Calm, I Have an 18 Year-Old

Happy birthday Moonu!

Leading up to this day I really thought I would have a different feeling about it.

Because of the way our lives; mine and his, have been, I thought I would be excited about him being my adult child and legally his own person.

But quite the contrary.

I'm so much more concerned about his future than ever before that I get overwhelmed in my thoughts at times.

I recently took him to take his permit test. He waited a while to pursue his license. So at the DMV, they wouldn't let me stay in the building. I helped check him in and then I had to wait outside.

I sat in my car and reached for my phone to scroll through Instagram and Facebook to pass the time. But I couldn't do it. Something in me wouldn't allow me to even unlock the phone. I had a compelling urge to pray for him. For almost the whole time he was in the testing facility, I sat there and prayed for him. That he pass the test and that he do well in life in general.

He got his permit!

My son now consumes my prayers. When I start out praying for one thing, prayers for him usually end up taking over.

His legally being an adult has not put me at ease or caused me to celebrate any sense of freedom.

Rather its constrained me all the more.

I want so much for him and I know my prayers will be answered.

Be blessed Son, Your mother loves you.

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