I Have a Bidet and I'm Not Afraid to Use It

If you were like me up until recently, then you thought that only the rich and lavish had fancy bathroom fixtures like bidets, double shower heads, heated floors and fogless mirrors.

Well maybe it is the rich and lavish who have most of these things, but it turns out they're not the only ones with bidets.

These useful little tools are way easier to possess than you might think.

I never gave much thought to the idea of having this item until one day my husband said he was getting one and before the week was out, he had purchased it, very easily connected it to our water line, and installed it in one of our bathrooms.

I was intimidated by this gadget at first when my husband showed me how to use it. Not literally, but just by turning the knob left and right and demonstrating how the water worked, I quickly decided this was NOT for me. When activated, with no one sitting there, the water shot clear across the room, into the tub, with jet-like force.

"Thank you but no," was my thought.

But that force of water was with the knob turned all the way to one side or the other. The contraption required a slight of hand and practice to turn it just right for the perfect spray, and so as not to destroy your lower region on contact.

I wasn't really up for the challenge at first but I soon got curious and figured it out.

Risking ending up in "TMI" territory, I have to say that the bidet is a weird experience at first, but it definitely has its benefits and it's a great thing to have. Ours has one knob, where turning it left vs. right controls the direction of the spray and one direction is meant for frontal cleaning while the other is for the rear.

You're left feeling more clean and confident than had you not used it.

So yes. I have a bidet and I'm 'no longer' afraid to use it. In fact I highly recommend it.

I might not be rich and lavish, but my backside sure thinks I am!

Here are a few to check out in case you're interested and drop me a comment below to let me know if you have one, want one, or thought about getting one.