Monochromatic For the Win!

If you watched the recent inauguration or even if you were like me and didn't catch it, you probably heard about or saw Michelle Obama.

She came through fresh in maroon monochrome.

Escorted by her swaggy husband, former President Barak Obama, she attended "Joe's thing" as Bernie's meme called it.

I like these 2.

Monochrome always looks good. There's an effortless smoothness to it that makes a person look put together without trying too hard.

When all else fails and you don't know what to wear, go with monochrome.

The inauguration was on January 20th, when the Obamas made their entrance. 9 days earlier, I had just shared my video of 7 monochromatic outfit ideas.

Here are 3 looks from that video. You can check the link below to see the rest.

Me and Mrs. Obama were on the same wave length in January 2021.

I see you Michelle. I see you...