The Most Amazing Thing I've Ever Heard in Customer Service

I've had continuous cell phone service for over 20 years. Same number, same company, no gaps, and no outages at all. Just continuous payments made for the same line of service since 2000!

The other day I had an issue with my cell phone bill after my most recent upgrade. I found I have no problems with my carrier until it's time for an upgrade or change in plan. They haven't mastered the art of providing the same information consistently from one agent to the next. Each person tends to promise something different than the other.

So that happened and my bill was almost double what I was told it would be. I promptly reached out to my carrier and got the most helpful lady to assist me. She put me on hold a few times but by the end of the call, she let me know everything was all set. And it was. My bill ended up being less than what I expected and I was good to go.

The representative told me,

"we'll do whatever we need to do to keep you happy."


I was stunned to hear this. It's the most amazing thing I've ever heard in customer service. If only this was every company's mission. With this being their goal, I don't know if I'll be able to accept anything less ever again!

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