There's a Whole Lot of Baking Going On!

And other great things you can do while you're stuck in the house.

With the quarantine happening, I've been doing a lot of cooking and baking.

I'm turning into a Master Chef!

I've been cooking pretty much non-stop since early March, having not eaten out for anything since about the 12th. I refuse to get fast food or take-out from anywhere. It's forced me to plan meals better and practice the art of fine dining.

Pictured here are banana bread muffins. Other things we've been enjoying include the usual brownies and cakes but also french toast bake and one of my favorite any time treats; the apple pancake. I have a video tutorial for how to make this and you can find it here.

Other things I've been doing to keep myself occupied at home besides working my normal job during the week and taking care of my family include:

~ Organizing

This is major. A lot of areas can become cluttered with stuff and I'm sure many people can relate to wanting to clear out a closet or declutter a junk drawer but not finding the time to do so. Now is a great time. I cleared out 2 of our bathroom closets at the start of the quarantine and I'm happy to say they still look good.

~ Exercising/Working Out

Let me start by saying this is my weak point. I'm horrible at working out consistently. I have good intentions and at times a real desire to work out and I do. But it's usually short-lived. During this lockdown I have used some of the exercise equipment we have in the house; work-out bars, weights, 'The Rack', and a treadmill. I've also followed some YouTube instructional videos which are my favorite. It's like having a personal trainer in the house. Now I just need the trainer to drag me up off the couch to really get motivated.

~ Read

I know, I know. Some people do this anyway but for me, reading had become a forgotten hobby or a pushed aside one. But I read a book the other day. I finished it in less than a week and it's one that's been in my house for years! We have stacks of books so I have no excuse. I took the time to revisit one of my loved childhood past-times and I encourage you to do the same.

~ Call people

In the fast pace of life, sometimes we can be so caught up with our regular lives that we don't maintain relationships the best. Ok, I do. I'm guilty. But this time at home has allowed me to reach out just a little more to loved ones. Even if it's just a call to say hey and check on somebody, this pandemic is the perfect opportunity to connect with somebody.

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