Welcome to 2021

Updated: Jan 8

Happy New Year!

My personal theme for the year is, "Doing the Most"

Simply because I'm trying to do it all. Or at least most of it.

In list form, my goals include:

~ Aggressive saving

~ Aggressively attacking debt

~ Full on investments

~ Financial literacy

~ Continuing on social media; YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and my blog/website

~ Tik Tok?

~ Fitness (I don't like this... I hate this. But this I must do).

~ A bathroom renovation

~ Other around the house updates; new ceiling fans, lighting, and some re-painting

~ Reading through the whole Bible, every day for the year

~ Maintaining a healthy spiritual life

I saw a lot of memes joking about how we're not making resolutions in 2021. :)

I usually don't make these but I love having goals. Anybody else have any?

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