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When Being Yourself Isn't Enough

Be yourself.
Just be yourself.
People love to say this but is it really as easy as that? During an interview, at work, on camera, in relationship, just be yourself. Well in a relationship you better be yourself because if you aren’t, you’re gonna be miserable. And exhausted…
But turns out, being yourself is the easiest thing to be. It’s what everyone actually WANTS to be. But the reason people tend to overthink things when it comes to “how to be” is because sometimes being yourself just isn’t enough!
I know 2 brothers, one who is a little more demonstrative and outgoing than the other. One appears to be more of a go-getter while the other is reserved and laid back. Well one day, the reserved, laid back brother became a little more vocal than usual. He was expressive in his speech and became demonstrative in his demeanor. In front of a large group of people, he was praised for his expressiveness and his strength and outgoingness. It was applauded. And then right after that he was comp…

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