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Private and Inconspicuous Period Tracker. Easy Period and Cycle Tracker, Digital Download to Track Your Period

Printable period tracker that allows you to easily track your period and cycle time. This is a monthly tracker that can be used for tracking anything on a daily basis over the course of a year. The tracker is customizable to be used for any year. Keep in mind the leap year where you'll need to cross out February 29th, when it doesn't apply!

This tracker is private in that it doesn't display the words "Period Tracker" on it so it can easily be added to your regular planner, hung on a wall, or left out on a desk as it doesn't obviously reveal its purpose!

Use the tracker to track your period cycle as shown in the 2nd gallery photo. Use a marker, pencil/pen, sticker, or X to mark the days of your period. When your period ends, start counting down from 1 and fill in each consecutive box, going down the tracker, until your period starts again. This will easily show you the cycle of days in between your periods so you can keep track of everything in an easy to use tracker!

Bring this to doctor's appointments, OB-GYN visits as needed to share with your physician.

The calendar measures at approximately 5 x 9.

You will receive a file link that will allow you to print the document and use it for tracking.

✨ This listing is for digital files only - YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A PHYSICAL ITEM. You will receive an email with a secure link to download the files as soon as your payment is complete.

✨ Important: This purchase is for personal use only.

✨ You cannot alter or create new templates from these designs.
These prints cannot be redistributed or resold in any form.
You cannot use the prints for commercial use.

✨ We cannot accept cancellations or refunds due to the nature of the product being a digital download, however if you have any questions or concerns, please email us.

Period Tracker

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